Impressive Interviews - by Deborah Barit


Found your dream job -
and you know you can do it?

Just need to get through that interview - make the right impression - answer the questions effectively - and prove that you are right person for the job.

The how-to of preparing is all here in Impressive Interviews - Your pocket-sized personal interview trainer. Tips, tools and exercises that will help you prepare, practice and present with confidence.

Most importantly, Impressive Interviews will help you think like an employer and that is the key to interview success. This is your "secret weapon" that will take you from being just another candidate to, "Congratulations! You are the one we want for the job"!

"Impressive Interviews is a simple, yet practical, do-it-yourself guide to preparing for interviews. Working through the exercises will help you, the job seeker, to focus on the employer's needs and way of thinking so that you can walk into the interview knowing what they want and confident that you can deliver it."

John Shearer, Managing Director of TEAM NSW Incorporated

About the Author

Deborah Barit is a Sydney-based author, trainer and consultant who specialises in preparing individuals and groups in interview techniques. She has successfully placed clients from professions as diverse as Health, Law, IT, Senior Management and the Arts in their position of choice. She also works with new graduates, school leavers and long-term unemployed.